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At Jolley Farms, we combine family farming heritage with the latest in sustainable agricultural practices to grow fresh, tasty, and healthy food for Chefs and Restaurants. If we wouldn’t serve it to our families, we wouldn’t serve it to your guests!

Highly respected chefs appreciate the quality of our produce, and fine restaurants throughout Western North Carolina rely on Jolley Farms to supply fresh ingredients for signature dishes as well as regional cuisine.

As lifelong "locavores" and growers, we strive to provide the local food stream with quality produce that is not only delicious, but also nutritious. Our loyal customers tell us that we are meeting that goal, but we are not content to stop there.



Finding Jolley Farms Produce

Look for Jolley Farms premium produce throughout Western North Carolina on the menus of fine restaurants such as Old Edwards Inn Highlands, Curate Asheville, and the Grove Park Inn in Asheville to name but a few! For a complete listing, click below.

Also, be sure to ask your favorite restaurant to carry Jolley Farms microgreens, specialty vegetables, and other naturally grown products!

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“I’ve been proud to serve Jolley Farms produce since the summer of 2009. We could not be more excited about the exceptional micro-greens, delicate heirloom tomatoes, and surprising variety of vegetables Jolley Farms delivers.

I expect the best, and I can wholeheartedly endorse the spectacular beauty, wholesomeness, freshness, and value of Jolley Farms produce.”

Chef Nicholas Figel

Cyprus International,  Highlands, NC

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